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Postreproduction Man

The Father and I are One
Gallery performance interaction with 35mm slide projection of life-size collage image. Voice over poem narrative.
Collage image of nude elder male holding face of Christ as a mask.
Video Performance Poem
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Excerpt from The Father and I are One, Video, 2004
For with God nothing shall be impossible—Luke 1:37
I and my Father are one—John 10:30

Osiris said the father and I are one—in the Book of the Dead.
This book I have read about, but never read.
Jesus, Gospel of Matthew, asks, whom say ye that I am right now?
Peter replies, the Christ, son of the living God art thou.
Then Nicaea’s heresy—Father the Creator and Son the Creature.
If the Son is the image of the Father, what is the Creature’s critical feature?

The same substance in double affection is paradoxical self-knowledge, in fact.
Can oneself be both an act of consciousness and the content of that act?
Can one and the same act be the content of itself when done?
Man and God, two beings in the tree of life as a primordial One.
Is it possible, this intimate necessity between memory and imagination?
Soul-perception with four hands—truly a haptic love-creation.

Osiris, then Noah’s drunken nakedness before his son Ham.
Jesus, God’s only son, Before Abraham was, I am.
If the Son is in his father’s image, doesn’t the Father’s substance remain the same?
Freud’s being father-of-oneself, like Lacan’s Name of the Father mirror game.
The priority of I AM over IT was…has no staying power.
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand…And eternity in an hour*

* Adapted from William Blake, ca. 1804, Blake’s Notebook, Auguries of Innocence

"Face of Christ", anonymous 20th century artist
Life-scale digital photoprint-montage from small Polaroid photographs