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Postreproduction Man

“Presidential Penises…Pregnant Chads
(Marilyn and Monica!...Bush or Gore)”

1974 New York Times page and 2000 ARTnews cover

Presidential penises, 2000, get out the vote
George Bush or Al Gore, please note.
But the manual vote was a hand-job, pregnating some punch-card chads.
Viagra voters in Florida, ready to be hard-on granddads.

Votes, like butterflies, were moved to recount which could be the potent man.
Gore was the president in polls with the digital eye-scan.
But the High Court highjacked-off, like the hand of time, the 2000 election.
The real winner lost by judicial misconception.

Monica’s Oval Office blowjob on a presidential penis was a memory too recent.
Sex-sucking under the presidential table, no First Lady could call decent.
Maybe Marilyn was a pass, singing “Happy Birthday Mr. President” to JFK, 1962.
'62 changed everything! Birth control pills long before Viagra blue.

Election 2000, last vote in the Century of the Pills.
Birth control and Viagra baby boomers demanding all no-fear thrills.
Y2K voters, some oversexed and underloved, felt Justice was blind!
FDR, JFK, now just President W, from Texas—never you mind!!

Then 9/11 happened—2001’s political Doomsday.
Presidential sex acts had to get outta the way.
W went to war-on-terror and war in Iraq, he was a commander-in-chief!
But his wars went wrong in “boomer-angst”—there was no hope of relief.

Many voters had just had enough, was there political hope for Election ’08?
Maybe its time for real change! Just forget the male gender debate.
Remember birth control ’62? And Norma Jean-as-Marilyn-as Madonna of the Pill.
End of presidential history for the Jacks! Any candidates for President Jill?

November 3, 1974 New York Times page
With Paul Bruner’s illustration for Clark McCauley’s op-ed article “Dial M for Mass Transit”
2000 ARTnews cover, with Andy Warhol’s silkscreen image of Marilyn Monroe